Why Choose Digital Marketing Certification over a University Degree

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I have seen a large number of students in a dilemma so as what to do after their high school or graduation. Digital Marketing course is one suitable course which crosses over many minds.

They are indeed in doubt of whether they need to take admission in some next-level course or start earning right from the word go.

One can see lots of similar questions like the above and it was seen to be completely true in context during the’90s. There were a common rule people who want to study will have to prefer study, and they can’t start to have a part-time earning.

Now the time is completely different and same goes with technology and people. This is the digital era where the features on the web can be accessed from anywhere and at any time.

I have seen how having no limitation to accessing specific information has removed the challenges coming in extra earnings.

Digital marketing courses are suitable for high school as well as graduates and digital marketing skills are also necessary for those who want to make a full-time career or freelance or both.

As per my personal view and seeing the recent statistics related to it, it could be known that after learning the digital marketing course one would definitely grow in their career as it is a career-oriented short-term course which could be definitely preferred over a university degree as well.

Digital marketing course is career-oriented

A digital marketing course which has been extensively designed and provides you with practical learning helps you achieve some particular career goals in a very short period of time.

These career-oriented courses have been shaped in such a way that it covers all the necessary modules of digital marketing including PPC, SMO, SEO, Content marketing, etc. All the modules are designed in such a way which would definitely help in sharpening the skills of digital marketing professionals.

Whereas there is great uncertainty in return on investment from university degrees and they also take a long time in completion and these types of courses don’t come along with a placement structure.

Digital Marketing Course Saves Time

Digital Marketing Course comes along with two types, of course, the one-course duration is for 2 months and would require 4 hours of your time on the weekends.
If you enroll yourself for the second type of digital marketing course, you would require to give your 2 hours on the weekends and it would take 4 months of time for the completion.

When this is compared to getting a university degree, digital marketing course certification saves your time immensely.

Cost-effective courses

The fee of digital marketing courses, when compared to university degree fee, costs you a very lesser amount.

Now, the question arises why there is a difference:
As a digital marketing course takes lesser time, so technically the operational costs for the course would be also lesser.

There is also a point that most popular digital marketing course like the school of learning’s digital marketing course are provided both online as well as offline so there is not much amount transacted for operating even on a larger scale.

The course modules also show us that you are not only getting digital marketing training but also free tools and software worth more than your course fee, digital marketing certificates, and job placements.

Though not Mainstream but Most Advanced

People have money minded and right after the completion of their high school look for earning money.

Technically now people are looking for a course which is not a mainstream course but offers features which in nature are more advanced.

So why not choose digital marketing course which saves time, cost and in return offer required knowledge which is necessary to run a business online or earn while being at home.

The Course is open for All

Digital Marketing course welcomes ones and all. There is no age bar in getting a digital marketing certification, everyone from a business owner to a high school passes out, old age individual to graduates could grab a seat.

The road is limitless, with one could even learn this course while they are working somewhere.

Creation of a Generic Skill

Almost all the digital marketing course comes along with providing a particular skill set through their courses, like PPC Specialist, SEO or SMO expert, content marketer, web analytics master, and others. These job roles are in huge demand in the market and each of these skills helps individuals in getting these high paying jobs.

Whereas on the other hand, a specific university degree allows people to get more theoretical knowledge rather than practical hands-on training and they usually get the qualification in only one subject.

University degree creates a limited skill which makes grabbing a job role really difficult for people.

Well Known Professional Digital Marketing Course

The credibility of current digital marketing certifications is more valued than many of the university degrees.

One of the main reasons for the value which these certification courses get is that large multi-national companies are recognizing the value of these professional courses and thus they agree with the provider of these certifications.

There is a huge demand among companies for suitable professionals so they are also struggling with a skill gap crisis. This has led to the growth in demand for digital marketing courses and also growth in their recognitions as they provide some skillful professionals.


Now after providing you with all the above stats, I am leaving it for you to decide which one would to prefer: a digital marketing course or a university degree or both?
According to me, the digital marketing course doesn’t stop you from the completion of your university degree. Even after you are pursuing your university degree you could go for a digital marketing course. There is no problem in accessing both the courses simultaneously.

I have provided you with 7 reasons why a digital marketing course certification should be chosen over a university degree.

So, it’s your time to think and to go for the digital marketing course.



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